Jonathan Kroeker

Jonathan was born in Winnipeg and went to church as a kid, but it wasn’t until his early twenties, while studying jazz saxophone at the University of Toronto, that he truly came to know, trust, and follow Jesus Christ. He later moved back to Winnipeg and earned an MDiv degree from Providence Theological Seminary in Otterburne, MB. He has been serving at Rowandale since 2005, first as youth pastor, then associate pastor, and has been the lead pastor since 2017. He and his wife Jennifer have two sons. In his spare time, Jonathan enjoys baseball, playing the saxophone, and going on road trips with his family. You can email him at: jkroeker@rowandale.ca.

Dave Miller

Dave is a born and raised Winnipegger. While at camp the year he turned twelve, Dave heard the gospel for the first time and began his relationship with Jesus. He continued to take part in camp and youth ministry over the years while also performing and recording music. He loves to create things using microphones and cameras. He enjoys reading, board games, puzzles, playing guitar and eating nachos. He and his wife Bethany have four children. You can email him at:

Jon Martens


By day, Jon is just your average joe slinging through the hustle and bustle. But when trouble looms, he takes to the rooftops, using his uncanny agility and reflexes to keep the city safe. Some folks call him a webslinger, others a wall-crawler. He answers to both!
While Jon may not have super strength, he relies on his wit, tech, and a spidey-sense that always seems to tingle at the right moment. There’s nothing he loves more than thwarting villains and helping folks in a pinch. After all, with great responsibility comes great opportunity to make a difference, right? (Bio forthcoming)

Doug & Judy Newton
We clean this place in our own special way.
Please remember us whenever you pray.


Audrey Plew