What to expect when coming to youth (with Covid-19 precautions)

As best as we can, we will try to match what the public school system is doing to protect each other and stop the spread of Covid-19. We’ll try to stay up to date but admit our procedures may not always be current as the situation seems to change rapidly.
Students must RSVP if they want to attend. This helps us plan and makes sure we have space.
We will have someone at the main doors of the church to screen people for Covid-19 with some questions much like the ones from the Government’s online self-screening tool.

We ask that you stay home if you are feeling any of the Covid-19 symptoms listed in the online self-screening tool. online self-screening tool.

Physical Distancing

We’ll aim to provide an environment that encourages physical distancing between students and staff/volunteers to the best of our abilities.
Staff/volunteers will promote physical distancing.
Snack: pre-packaged snacks will be provided with space to avoid close contact. (No snack during Code Orange)
Our water fountains are not available. Please bring a personalized water bottle clearly labelled.
Indoor times: Students will be spaced apart to allow for physical distancing. 
Outside times: will allow us a little more freedom for games and activities.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Hand-washing and sanitizing supplies will be available at all times
Staff/volunteers will increase the frequency of our cleaning processes across these facilities with special attention to high-touch surfaces such as handles, light switches, handrails, etc.


As of today, the Government is requiring us to wear masks when physical distancing is not possible.
Please bring a mask or use one of ours. 
There may be times we don’t need to wear masks.
Thank you for your understanding and willingness to go through extra steps during this strange Covid-era! The situation in Winnipeg is not as serious as other places in the world, but each of us still needs to weigh the benefits and risks of attending activities like Youth group. We promise to do our best to keep the environment safe and fun, and we know it will be an outstanding time!