what to expect
Walking into a church can be a strange and intimidating thing. Here’s some helpful information that we hope will make it a little less so. If you are planning to visit our Sunday morning worship gathering, it’s best to arrive a little early. You can enter through the main set of doors that face West and open towards our parking lot (additional parking can be found behind the strip mall next to our building). 
When you arrive, there will likely be someone there to welcome you at the door and help you find your way around. Our worship gatherings take place in the sanctuary (a fancy name for the big room where we gather), which is located on our upper level (accessible by stairs or elevator). When you enter the sanctuary, there will be someone to greet you and give you a paper bulletin, which will help you follow what’s happening in the service (another name for a worship gathering) and find out more about what’s going on in our church. 
When it’s time for our worship service to begin, the music team leader will welcome everyone, then read a short passage of Scripture, and then pray a short prayer. Then he or she will lead the congregation in singing a few songs. The words will be projected on a screen, and you can sing along or just observe. 
After the singing, someone (usually one of the pastors) will come up, make a few announcements, read some more Scripture, and then pray about various needs in the congregation. After that comes the offering. This is where our members and regular attenders contribute financially to our church and other needs. As a visitor, don’t feel obligated to give anything; you can simply pass the offering basket on to the person next to you. 
When it comes time for the sermon, someone (usually one of the pastors) will come up and speak for about thirty minutes, explaining a passage from the Bible and applying its meaning to our lives today. If you don’t have a Bible, no problem. The words will be projected on a screen.
After the worship service is over, feel free to hang around in the lobby and introduce yourself to some people. We’d love to help you find out more about our church.
We look forward to seeing you soon!