Seven Great Things About Being a Christian

  1. You have been saved from eternal lostness.
There’s nothing worse than not knowing where you are or how to get somewhere. It’s a very disorienting feeling and can lead to frustration and despair. Your soul was made to live forever. The question is where will your soul be living after you die? If you are a Christian, you know the answer to this is that you will be forever with the Lord (I Thess. 4:17) in a place of eternal joy and contentment. (Rev. 21:4) The Bible calls this “salvation” and God offers it to anyone who will receive it.


Do You Believe in Karma?


What does the Bible say about Karma?

It may sound like I’m being somewhat technical, but the Bible doesn’t specifically say there is no Karma, because the Bible doesn’t say anything about Karma good or bad. First, to define Karma: it comes from the Hindu belief that the good or bad we do in life determines what happens to us in the afterlife. It also ties into reincarnation – if you do more good than bad this time ‘round, you come back as something better; if more bad than good, you come back