Sunday School for all ages resumes in September! 9:30 am – 10:15 am

Hey Parents! We offer a Sunday School program for kids, aged 3 to grade 12. The program includes singing (for children’s program), Bible teaching, activities and small group discussion time. Parents are welcome to join the adult bible class in the main floor boardroom while their children are in Sunday School.

During the worship service 10:30am – 11:45pm

We love having kids in the service and we believe it is important for them to see adults worshipping, praying, and listening to the Word of God preached. Children will see baptisms, hear testimonies, see believers take part in the Lord’s Supper, and more. We believe that from an early age, children can learn how to listen to the sermon and draw pictures or take basic notes, even if a lot of it is over their heads. Sometimes kids get restless and make sounds. That’s ok 🙂 We do have a couple rooms for parents with small kids if you need to use them. Our nursery/playroom is near the women’s bathroom, and there is a room for moms with infants at the back of the sanctuary from which the service can be watched and listened to.

Activity Sheets for Kids

There are activity sheets and crayons on a table going into the sanctuary for kids who like to take notes and draw pictures during the sermon. Please feel free to make use of them.

Junior Church (Sept-May) 11:00am–11:45pm

During the sermon, we invite children ages 3 to grade 1 to attend Junior Church in the boardroom. This is just an option for families who would like something for their kids during the sermon. But families are, of course, welcome to keep their kids in for the whole service. This ministry takes a break over the summer months.